Q: If Rough Seas gets played while Long Live The Captain is in effect, is the person with the Captain’s Hat immune to those Limits?

A: The Action Rough Seas says “All players who do not have a Ship Keeper on the table in front of them must discard cards and Keepers as if the rules in play were Hand Limit 3 and Keeper Limit 2. (This includes the player who played this.)”

Meanwhile, the Rule Long Live The Captain says “Ignore any Keeper Limits if the Captain’s Hat is on the table in front of you

After some discussion, we’re going with the logical intent flowing from the theme, rather than a tight reading of how we happen to have expressed the wording. Being the Captain doesn’t affect the weather: the Captain has to deal with Rough Seas just like anybody else if he doesn’t have a Ship.

Andy happens to have worded the Rough Seas card to compare the action to Hand & Keeper Limits: “…as if the rules in play were…” but it’s not as though actual Limits have come into play. He would have been better off saying: “All players…must discard down to 3 cards in hand and 2 Keepers in play” – which is, in fact, how we will re-word this next time we reprint.