Q: What are the differences between Stoner Fluxx 2.0 and 2.1?

A: The times, they are changing and so did the Stoner version of the card game that changes…

Four message & ad cards were dropped:
Marijuana is Good Medicine
Take a Trip to Amsterdam!
Dedication/Further Reading
Have you played the other Fluxxes?

Four new cards were added in their place:
SO Hungry! (Goal)
Any Friend of Theirs… (Goal)
I Just Had This Great Idea! (New Rule)
Goal Mill (New Rule)

Also, one set of cards underwent a minor but notable wording change. On the 5 cards with the orange warning boxes, the text of those boxes was changed to: “Warning: Doing what this card says may still be illegal for you. Please follow local regulations.” (Those cards are: Toke, Everybody Toke, Weed Bonus, Toking Area, and It’s 4:20 Somewhere.)

Lastly, the mini fold-up catalog was included and the rulesheet was given full color.