Q: If someone plays I’ll Be In My Bunk, can they leave the room, but watch the game through the door, and wait for their turn to come up?

A: No. If the person “in their bunk” is watching from the other room, then they have not actually left the game, and are violating the spirit of the card. If they can see what’s happening enough to tell when their turn is, then it’s like they are actually still there with their stuff so there’s no reason you need to cut them any slack about messing with it.

Essentially, you are not allowed to use the immunity conferred (“you remain eligible for victory, but no one can mess with your stuff”) without also incurring the penalty of potentially missing turns. You can’t just hover there, being immune until your turn comes up, and then jump back into the game as soon as your turn comes up. And you can’t ask the other players to let you know when your turn comes up. They don’t owe you anything – you went to your bunk!