Q: If I play the the Rule Elsewhere in Gotham City, am I still prevented from winning if I have Creepers?

Elsewhere in Gotham City says says “Villain Creepers held by other do not prevent you from winning”…

A: So, the thing about MOST Creepers is they prevent you from winning if you have them. In Batman Fluxx, however, the Creepers are special, and affect others in addition to you: Creepers anywhere on the table prevent everyone from winning with a Goal that doesn’t involve Villains. So the Elsewhere In Gotham City Rule gives you a pass on everyone else’s Creepers preventing your win… but your own Creepers are still a big problem for you.

That’s the idea behind the theme of this Rule: all that other trouble is going down Elsewhere, but here where you are, it’s fine… unless it’s not, i.e. you DO have crime (Villains) in your neighborhood, in which case you can’t win with that Goal.