Q: What happens to my Zombified Friends when the Dead Friends rule goes away? Are they somehow cured or reawakened?

A: When the Dead Friends rule is removed from play, your Friends are no longer Zombies. Yeah, they’re cured, or reawakened, or whatever strange zombie-movie analogy works for you.

The best way to keep this sort of thing in mind is that Fluxx rules are never meant to invoke any kind of memory condition. You should be able to look at the rules in play, and understand exactly what is going on at any given moment, and not have to remember that something was previously in play, but has some sort of lingering effect.

You could leave the room while everyone takes their turn, and be able to come back, and, just by seeing the cards in play, understand the status of the game. If there were lingering effects, this would not be possible: if someone played Dead Friends, and it was then removed, all while you were out of the room, you’d have no way of knowing your friends had become zombies (very dangerous!)

So Fluxx rules don’t work that way. You can go get a snack – you’ll still be able to tell what’s going on when you return.