Q: When using the Uproot action in Fluxx: The Board Game, what does it mean for tiles to be “reachable” from the start tile?

Do all tiles have to end in a position still touching the Start tile? This would make it seem that one could only swap tiles, but wording regarding “leaping gaps” implies this is not the case.

A: When Uprooting a tile, “reachable” from the Start tile just means that it could be traveled to. Look to the further wording about having tiles touch side-to-side. It just means you can’t make a tile be attached only at a corner. It would be impossible for a piece to reach that tile from the start tile under normal starting conditions (i.e. without Wrap-Around in play, for example).

All tiles in F:tBG must be placed so that at least one full side aligns with another tile.