Q: When using the Really Fast Time Machine, do both my plays have to be Inverter or Patch plays?

The Really Fast Time Machine (RFTM) states that you may play an extra Inverter or Patch, and draw to replace it, after your normal turn action. Is it necessary that your normal turn action involved playing an Inverter or Patch?

A: No. You can play anything you want for your turn. In fact, if you have more than one Time Machine in play, you might not even decide to use the RFTM until after you’ve played your regular turn, in fact – you might decide to use a different Time Machine’s power. Using the RFTM allows you a second play on your turn, and it’s THAT play which is limited to timeline changes (Inverter or Patch) with a draw to replace (so that your hand size does not diminish from the extra play).