Q: Do you have to complete an Action before it goes on the discard pile, or does it go on the discard pile at the start of the Action?

A: The intention is that you do what it says and THEN put it on the discard pile. While in practice it often happens that you just place the card on the discard pile and do what it says, it’s very important for some Actions that the one you’re using NOT be in the pile, so even it you DO decide to place it there right away, you must understand that, technically, it’s not actually in there until you’re done using the Action.

For example, if you played Draw 3 Play 2, and pulled Let’s Do That Again as one of your three cards, the Draw 3 Play 2 is not technically in the discard pile to be pulled until after you complete those two plays plus discard. Otherwise it would create a loop that would totally break the game.

Andy says, “In an ideal, imaginary world, I’d like the Action you’re using to sort of hover in the air upright before you, slowly rotating for all to see. Then when the Action has been completed, it would gracefully settle itself onto the discard pile.” Obviously, we’re not going to be implementing that technology any time soon, but picturing this might help you to remember how Actions are supposed to work, even if you do decide to shortcut it to the pile for convenience.