Q: The Cultist states that “you win if the Dunwich Horror UnGoal conditions are met. Does the Dunwich Horror have to be in play for that to happen?

A: The Dunwich Horror Ungoal has to be in play. It was tricky for us to word this. If it were a Goal, then we could say “if someone wins with…” which would require the Goal to be on the table. What we really meant was “If everyone loses because of the Dunwich Horror UnGoal…” which would, of course, mean that the Dunwich Horror is in play. That didn’t seem right since everyone is not losing – the Cultist is winning!

Think of it as though the Dunwich Horror Ungoal acts as a Goal for you if you have the Cultist in front of you. Obviously the Dunwich Horror has to be in play in order for you to win with it, just as for any other Goal.