Q: When playing Zap A Card or Move a Card in Aquarius or Seven Dragons, do the remaining cards need to be still touching?

A: Creating separated groups of cards via Zap or Move is not specifically disallowed, as long as you can tell the grid relationship of the gap created, so you know where to place any connecting cards.

Since the groups might later be reconnected, it needs to be clear where they are with respect to future cards that might reconnect them to the larger layout. Theoretically, if you wanted to create a “board” that showed your grid to the corners of the table, you could create gaps of any distance.

Most people aren’t going to create a grid “board” to play on, however. A general guideline would be, assuming you can keep your cards relatively tidy on the table, we recommend leaving a gap of no more than one card between groups. That said, if you think your gaming group can keep things straight, you could leave a bigger gap if you want to.

Keep in mind that when you replay a card into the gap, as with any play to the table, it only needs to connect panels on one side. There is no requirement that you form a valid elemental connection on more than one side.