Q: Is giving Germs away mandatory when you have the Space Suit in play?

meaning that possession of the Space Suit would prevent you from winning with The Army Called In Sick?

A: The Space Suit says you CAN give away germs, but it doesn’t say you must, so, no, it’s not mandatory. (Just because you have it doesn’t mean you’re wearing it.) So, no, having the Space Suit does not prevent you from winning with The Army Called In Sick.

Keep in mind, however, that if you have both in play, having decided to keep Germs despite having the Suit, you won’t be able to give Germs away until your turn, when you infect someone else. (Once you’ve gotten sick, you’ll have to let the disease run its course before you can get better.) After that, you can reject someone giving you BACK the Germs, unless you want to declare once again, that, despite having the Suit, you’re still not wearing it. (Some people never learn!)