Q: How do Creepers work? I added some to my game, but they’re not in my rulesheet.

A: Here is what it says in our rulesheets about Creepers:
CREEPER: When you draw this, you must immediately place it in front of you, and draw another card.
These are like Keepers you do not want. Usually Creepers prevent you from winning, but sometimes you actually need them to win.

Creepers are kept on the table in front of you in the same area as your Keepers. Creepers cannot be held in your hand. Instead, they automatically go into play. As soon as you draw a Creeper, you must place it face up in front of you and draw another card. This does NOT count as a “play.”

You might have to accept several Creepers at once as you draw cards, until you’ve drawn the required number of non-Creepers and added them to your hand. Note that this is true any time you draw a card, such as during an Action.

First Round Creepers: At the start of the game, any player whose initial hand of cards contains a Creeper must immediately play all of the Creepers they have, and draw again, as needed, until they have three non-Creeper cards in hand.