Q: During the UberParadox, when “the future is inaccessible,” does history still get altered after 1962 if the relevant linchpin is before 1962?

or do we wait until the timeline is restored before flipping those cards back and forth? For example, in the following sequence:

1. 1974 is paradoxed and patched (implying that 1865′ and 1963′ are the case)
2. The World War 3 patch is played, and 1974′ becomes part of the inaccessible future.
3. Abraham Lincoln is re-assassinated
4. Abraham Lincoln is saved again
5. 1962 is restored
Was 1974 flipped twice in the non-existent future during this sequence, thus discarding its patch and leaving it as a paradox, or do we check the future for consistency only after World War 3 is prevented, thus leaving the patch in place?

A: The Patch stays in place until the Future can be accessed again. All inaccessible cards stay exactly as they are, even if they don’t make sense, since it’s like you can’t even see them.