Q: If I have Weed and the Mooch on my turn, and my Weed goes to another player, can I give them the Mooch at the same time as the Weed?

…If we have a draw 1 play 1 situation and I play Exchange Keepers, trading my Weed to another player, can I give the Mooch along with weed? Or must I wait until my next turn?

A: Yes, it’s true that you can only get rid of the Mooch on your turn, but even if the rules are at Play 1, your turn is not technically over until you have taken (or declined to take) any Free Actions available to you (like moving the Mooch to someone else who has Weed). We’d recommend doing it as two steps so that it doesn’t seem confusing, or invite challenges:

1) You play Exchange Keepers and trade your Weed for someone else’s Keeper.
2) The Mooch realizes that there’s Weed somewhere else, and goes there.
3) Are there any other Free Actions you have yet to take? (like, for example Goal Mill, Get On With It!, Great Idea, or It’s 4:20 Somewhere!)
4) Done taking them or decided not to take them?
5) Now you commence things like taking care of Hand or Keeper Limits
6) NOW your turn is REALLY over.

Here’s a chart we made about when certain things happen in a Fluxx turn (it gets complicated, we know)

Just as a side-point, note that if you have Weed, and someone else also has Weed, you can move the Mooch away from your Weed to their Weed on your turn. They may, of course, move the Mooch back to you on their turn, but at least you’ll be Mooch-free for a little while.