Q: What happens if you Perform a Miracle, but you cannot play any of the cards you draw?

For example, you draw all patches for Ripplepoints that don’t need patching.

A: You can Kill Time. As it says in the fine print on Fast Forward, “Killing Time (discarding an extra card and drawing a replacement) is a valid option any time you choose to discard a card instead of playing it”. This means you can discard two of your three unplayable cards and draw one back with your first Perform a Miracle play. If the redraw is, itself, also not playable, you may Kill Time once more, discarding both duds, and hope the one you draw back is playable. Andy has ruled that, in this case, though you have Killed Time twice, which would seem to use up both your plays, you may still play that last card if it comes up playable for you (and you want to play it).

Likewise, if you’re only drawing two and playing one of them, you can discard both, and hope the one card you draw back will be playable. It’s the same as if you’d started the process described above at two cards, going down to one with your one Kill Time.