Q: If Swap Plays for Draws and Rich Bonus are both in play, and I’m the Rich player, do I get to draw an extra card for the Rich Bonus if I decide to Swap?

A: Consider the Rich Bonus to have increased your official Play allowance by 1, so if you are sacrificing that play, yes, you would get that extra Play as a Draw if you’ve Swapped Plays for Draws. We wouldn’t think of it as swapping the Rich Bonus, but think of the Rich Bonus as increasing the number on the Play rule just for you. It does come to the same thing, of course.

So if the current rules are Play 1, Rich Bonus, Swap Plays for Draws, and you are the Rich player, you could decide to play none and Swap Plays for Draws immediately. Because you are the Rich player, you have a total of 2 Plays which you are sacrificing (swapping), so you’d Draw 2.

(Or, of course, you could Play 1, Swap Plays for Draws, and draw 1 for your remaining Play.)