Q: What if I draw Creepers while drawing cards for Distress Call?

A: So the process starts with the initial “All players draw 1 card from the deck.” So, if you draw a Creeper for the first card, you have to play it immediately, and redraw until you get a non-Creeper. It’s possible that you might end up getting multiple Creepers this way, but eventually you will draw 1 non-Creeper, and add it to your hand.

Once you have managed to draw a non-Creeper, assess how many Creepers you have in play. Now, you need/get to draw a total of 2 x #Creepers you have. That total includes the first card you drew.

So you continue to draw until you have gotten the correct number of non-Creepers and added them to your hand. If this draw process ends up adding yet more Creepers to your array, then you may have to adjust your total as you go.

I find that talking through the process helps me keep track:

“One… oops, a Creeper! One… there we go, a non-Creeper. But now I have one Creeper, and I need to draw a total of two cards, so that’s one more… dang! Another Creeper! Okay, now I have TWO Creepers, and I need to draw a total of FOUR cards, so that’s THREE more. Okay… two, three, four. Whew! Okay, done!