Q: Can someone with the Holographic Projector win if the two Keepers needed are owned by other players?

A: No, the Hologram can only be one Keeper at a time. It’s already a very powerful card. If it could be any TWO Keepers at once, it would be ridiculously overpowered.

If you saw the Star Fluxx episode of the web-series Tabletop, I’m pretty sure they made a mistake regarding this card. Can’t remember whether they realized the error, or if some other thing prevented that guy’s win.

It is possible to win with the Holographic Projector even if you don’t have either of the required cards yourself only if the win conditions include a Creeper or Creepers which are attached to a single Keeper owned by another player. In that case, the Holographic Projector only needs to be one Keeper, but it also mimics the associated Creeper properties. Example Goals for this type of win would include Imperial Destroyer, Evil Computer, Evil Brain Parasites, Robot Uprising, and The Power Of Evil.