Q: When Rotate Hands comes up, can “across the table” be a valid “direction” to pass hands?

A: To recap, the Action Rotate Hands says: All players pass their hands to the player next to them. You decide which direction.

We would say that to ROTATE hands, the movement should be in a circle around the table. We understand that there are some games where “across the table” is one of the directions one can pass cards, but, because it would only work with an even number of players, that makes the instructions more complicated for us to describe on the rule sheet.

It’s a fine house rule, however! Of course the thing about house rules is that you have to make them clear BEFORE the game starts. In other words if everyone agrees beforehand that “across” is a valid direction, go for it! It’s totally fine with us if it’s fine with all the players. It sounds like a fun option to add!

But, in the middle of the game, you can’t suddenly claim that you want everyone to pass “across” for Rotate Hands. You have to have previously agreed that that’s a valid option, since it’s not the default intention of the card. It’s not a problem to pass across, but you have to make sure everyone knows and agrees to that option before the game, and not in the middle of it.