Q: Why does the Miles Morales card say it counts as Spiderman or a Webslinger? Isn’t the only other “webslinger” in the deck Spider Gwen?

…and if he counted as Spider Gwen, wouldn’t he count for the Goal Women of Power?

A: So, these cards are a little tricky because there were two versions of Marvel Fluxx, and Miles Morales only appeared in the extra 7 cards included with the Specialty Edition (along with the Spider-Verse goal). Since Miles IS Spiderman in some universes, it makes sense for him to count as Spiderman for any Goal that needs Spiderman; but we also wanted Miles to count as either of the Spider heroes on Web Slingers, since that also makes sense. On the other hand, no, Miles doesn’t count as Spider-Gwen for Women of Power since he’s not a woman.) Since cards in the core game cannot reference specialty or expansion cards, the only way to make Miles also count for the Web-Slingers goal was to specifically say he also counts as a Web Slinger.