Q: Who has Looney Labs donated proceeds of Eco/Nature Fluxx sales to?

A: Looney Labs has donated a portion of the proceeds from EcoFluxx/Nature Fluxx to various environmental organizations since these titles were first published. Here they are, listed roughly in the order which we originally donated to them (oldest at the bottom so that the list is easier to keep up!) There are several we have donated to multiple times over the years, so the order is not exact.

Sloth Sanctuary
Living Lands and Waters
American Rivers
International Primate Protection League
National Audubon Society
Waterkeeper Alliance
Wildlife Conservation Network
National Wildlife Federation
Environmental Integrity Project
Center for Coastal Studies
EcoHealth Alliance
The Center for Ecoliteracy
Pollinator Partnership
The Nature Conservancy
Chesapeake Bay Foundation
The American Chestnut Foundation
Burgundy Center for Wildlife Studies
Bat Conservation International