Q: In Fantasy Fluxx, if Evil is attached to a Keeper which is Invisible, what happens when Mix It All Up is played?

…Mix It All Up detaches Attaching Creepers. That is clear enough from the card, but what if the Keeper is Invisible, but it has a Creeper attached (Evil is the only Attaching Creeper in Fantasy Fluxx, so we’re basically talking about just that)… Would they stick together and both “become visible” and go into the Mix? Would they be split? Or would they both be considered Invisible?

A: This is a tricky case, so I consulted with Andy. His ruling is that attachment to an Invisible Keeper renders the Evil Invisible as well, so it would not be included in the Mix. After all, as an Attaching Creeper, Evil is a modifier of the item as much as Invisibility. If a Keeper is Invisible, it doesn’t make sense that becoming Evil would suddenly render it visible again.