Q: I’m a collector trying to find [OUT OF PRINT TITLE]. Any chance there’s some lingering stock or old demo copies at Looney Labs you could sell me?

A: Unfortunately, no. Although we do still have a limited supply of various old titles, we have a rather possessive attitude about them, given their rarity. Yes, we’ve been known to be generous at times, such as special occasions (like when we dug into our stash for prizes at LooneyCon) or hard luck situations (e.g. “my house burned down and I’m trying to restore a particular cherished item”). But for collectors trying to fill in the gaps, we recommend the secondary market — thrift stores, used game vendors, and of course, eBay.

One big issue we are faced with when asked this is the price tag: it’s very difficult for us to decide on an appropriate price for an out-of-print game. That’s the secondary market’s job. But the biggest reason we have for saying no to this type of request is fairness. There are a lot of fans would like a chance to get stuff from our dwindling supply of out-of-print games, and it’s only fair to limit such availability to situations in which everyone has the same opportunity, such as an auction or a raffle. Sorry. But good luck in your quest!