Q: I got a new Fluxx version, and it has few/zero Creepers. Why aren’t they there?

A: Creepers are not one of the core card types. We consider them to be more advanced, and certainly not all decks have them. For versions which will be sold in the mass market, we have consistently chosen not to include Creepers. It’s also why we chose to remove Creepers when we went from Fluxx 4.0 to Fluxx 5.0: we wanted to make the “base version” a good introduction to the Fluxx concept, and Creepers are “extra” if you will. If you have a 5.0 deck and want to add back in the Creepers from 4.0, the Creeper Pack does exactly that.

Even if a version DOES include Creepers, the number that might be in a deck varies wildly, from the heavily Creeper-laden Zombie Fluxx, to Pirate, which only has two: Scurvy and Shackles. Here’s a chart that shows how many of which kinds of cards each version has:

Fluxx Complexity Factors

If you’re interested in increasing the number of Creepers in your deck, we do have a few promo cards/packs which include Creepers that you might like to check out (some of these, like the Horror in Clay, are promos which work _with_ Creepers).


Be sure to click through and read the descriptions of these, as not all are compatible with every version. The Alliance, for example, is designed to go with Firefly. The Creeper Pack, while mostly designed to go with regular Fluxx 5.0 can be put in other decks, if you remove a couple of the Goals.