Q: If one player has humans in the Abduction Chamber, can the humans be moved out of the Chamber or put back in as needed to meet any Goal in a quick succession?

For example in the instance where Goals were going to be played in succession during a Play All, can it be assumed that the player with the Abduction Chamber has as much time as they need between Goal plays to either show or cover their Humans as needed to meet the Goals that come up?

A: Yes and no. It is stated on the Abduction Chamber card that a player can reveal Humans from it at any time. Though it does not specify when a player can hide them, we intended for this card to work similarly to others like it: you can only put Humans into the Abduction Chamber on your turn. See Can Humans be moved in and/or out of the Abduction Chamber at any time…

When a series of Goal cards is played in succession, there must always be a check to see if anyone wins with each one. During that check, the player with the Abduction Chamber may choose to reveal their Humans, with the understanding that they cannot be put back in again. Of course, if they’ve been revealed to achieve a win, that point is fairly moot.

We would rule that the player who owns the Abduction Chamber is capable of checking to see its contents without choosing to reveal them, so they would really ONLY let their Humans out if it was to win the game.