Q: In a two-player game, if one player has the Zombie Repellent, does Larry essentially not move when the Goal changes?

…So the other player is just stuck with him all the time?

A: Yes, sadly, that is indeed the case. We look to the wording on the Zombie Repellent, which states that Zombies are instantly moved away from the player with that Keeper. Instantly means that there is no time when the Zombie is in that player’s possession and, there being no “in between” place or “in between” time for him to be in any other place, the instant he is moved away when the Goal changes, he is instantly repelled back to the only other player in the game.

Though Larry is particularly punishing in some respects, when he stops moving, he becomes, in many ways MORE like all of the other Zombies – and, while you won’t be able to MOVE him away from you, there are plenty of other ways to KILL Zombies in the deck. You’ll just have to break out the Shotgun, or declare open Zombie Season, or invoke that Weapons Bonus to use some Lumber on him so you can take him out of play entirely.

Hey, at least he’s not like the Quartet, that never hits the discard pile. If they were in play, you’d have to nullify or destroy your opponent’s Zombie Repellent in order to get anywhere…