Q: If someone manages to play Dreams and Omens twice in one turn (via Even Death May Die) what order should we play the distributed cards in?

A: Well, this is a pretty rare scenario, but, to refresh the memory, Dreams and Omens says:

Set your hand aside. Count the number of players in the game. Draw enough cards to give 1 card to each player. You decide who gets which, placing them each face down in front of their recipients. No one else may look at these cards. Each player (including you) must play this card before starting their next turn. This does not count as one of their plays for that turn.

Meanwhile, Even Death May Die, is a reworking of Let’s Do That Again. It says:

Search through the discard pile. Take any Action or investigator Keeper card you wish, and immediately play it. (anyone may look through the discard pile at any time, but the order of what’s in the pile should not be changed.)

So if Dreams and Omens gets played twice, each player would have TWO face down cards in front of them, which they’re required to play before starting their next turn. Does the order matter? Well, most of the time it won’t affect things, but occasionally it will be very important! Therefore, you should play them in the order received. This shouldn’t be difficult to remember: if the first card is placed face down, and the second is placed face down on top of that one, then you pick them up together as a pile, and play the first one facing you first.