Q: If playing with TOS and TNG Trek decks, and someone has both Ensign Smith AND Tasha Yar (both “Expendable Crewman” analogues) how do you decide which gets taken or killed?

A: In thematic situational terms you’ve got two reckless crew members rushing forward, and one of them is going to “take the bullet” (or get kidnapped by accident, whatever). Which it will end up being, we really don’t know, but one of them will be… you should take the two “Expendable Crewpersons” (Tasha Yar and Ensign Smith) and mix them face down, and randomly pick which was the one stolen/trashed instead of the intended target.

Another edge case we’d like to preemptively rule on: in the case that one of them was themselves the intended target, the same thing applies: they both “rush forward” and you randomize which gets taken, or killed, or zapped, or whatever.