Q: What card sleeves work with Get the MacGuffin?

Short answer: A fan informs us that 75mm x 115mm should be right if you can find them, but we doubt that exact size exists (see below). They said that Swan has a 75mm x 128mm that works, but you’d need to trim the top down. No, unfortunately, they won’t fit back in the box that way, unfortunately.

Another fan has said that for many of his games he actually LAMINATES the cards, which might be a great solution for Get the MacGuffin.

More background: We did very seriously think about this question when we were figuring out the card specs. We looked at all the tarot-ish card sleeves that existed, and considered making our cards one of these sizes – but ultimately it didn’t make sense. Only one of them could really have worked, and it would have cost us a big bunch of cash to make tooling for this size card, and then the cards still wouldn’t fit back into the box.

At first we were considering putting the game in our 2 part box, with cards sized that would fit WITH sleeves on them. This would have been really cool, but ultimately it made more sense to go with a simple tuck box and a card size my printer already had the tooling for. This allowed us to give the game a $10 MSRP – which ultimately was way more important that the handful of folks who really really really wish they could sleeve the game.