Q: If I have the Seer promo in play, and someone else plays the Werewolf promo, can they immediately trash my Seer and give me the Werewolf?

…or can I choose to use the power of the Seer to discard it and the Werewolf as well?

A: No, unfortunately, you can’t use the power of the Seer to kill a Werewolf unless it’s your turn, and, yes, your opponent can kill your Seer as soon as they put the Werewolf into play. That’s the risk the Seer takes in being “out” visible on the table. As in the game Are You A Werewolf, if the Seer is known, they are generally the first target of the Werewolves. The strategic thing to do, then, would be to hold the Seer unplayed, if you can, until after the Werewolf is on the table…

Note: These two cards were Kickstarter exclusives when we produced our Deluxe version of Are You A Werewolf.