Q: What happens if an UnGoal is fulfilled but the promo card The Traitor is in play?

…There are a couple of different outcomes when an UnGoal is fulfilled. The standard result is that everyone loses, however, there are a few cases where someone can win with an UnGoal. The question is, does the Traitor get to “steal the win” in any of these cases?

A: Lucky for us, The Traitor card only mentions Goals, not UnGoals, so having The Traitor in play does not do anything special in the case of a game ending due to an UnGoal:

• If everyone loses, the person with the Traitor loses as well: though “Evil wins” it was due to an UnGoal and not a Goal.
• If the person who has he Traitor wins because of the UnGoal, they simply win, since it only prevents victory by Goal, not UnGoal.
• If some other player wins because of the UnGoal, they simply win, because the Traitor can only steal wins achieved through a Goal.