Q: I think I found some errors in Monster Fluxx. Can you send me fixes for those?

A: Yes, we missed a number of things while checking the proofs on that print-run, unfortunately. I usually joke that we were under a Mummy’s Curse (and it wasn’t even a real mummy!) Some of the things were bad enough that we actually had some loose replacement cards printed up, which we can send you for free, either by including them on an order, or sending them to you from an email inquiry.

Known issues:
Goal: That’s No Mummy (That’s Just a Guy Wearing Cloth Strips!)
The Goal correctly shows the required Keepers as being The Mummy and The Teenage Detectives, but the text below calls for The Mummy & The Tombstone.

Action: Monster Mash
The side stripe erroneously names the card Shuffle Hands (and, furthermore, it’s actually a Shuffle-Keepers kind of card).

These two cards can be purchased at our webstore. If errata replacement cards are the only thing you’re getting, we will remove shipping and send them to you for free (or you can add them to your order with other items). You can also just email customer-support@looneylabs.com, and request them. (Please include your address.)

A third error was deemed too minor to create an errata card for:

There’s a Keeper named The Wolfman, but Goal/s involving it may name it The Werewolf. Please simply consider these two terms to be equivalent wherever you see them.

Here’s a link to the card list for Monster Fluxx if you’d like to check your deck