Q: Do the keepers necessary to meet the goal have to be in play?

In other words, if the winning keeper is still in my hand can I instantly play it and win, even though it’s not my turn.

A: To anyone playing with most of our older versions, this must sound like a silly question, but in newer versions we’ve made the cards a lot less wordy, and we must have pared down the text on the cards a little too far… while forgetting to put this information on the rules sheet! We’re not sure which versions may have this omission, but if it’s not clear from the cards or rules:

Yes, the Keepers mentioned on the Goal must be in play in front of you for you to win. You can’t just play them at any time, you have to use actual plays on your turn to put them down.

We will be making sure in all future versions that if it’s not on the Goal card itself, it’s in the rules somewhere.