Q: What happens in Batman Fluxx if Double Agenda causes a Goal with a Villain AND a Goal without a Villain to be in play at the same time?

…One player put out the Double Agenda rule and set out 2 Goals. One of which required Batman and The Batsignal, the other Bane and Poison Ivy. A certain player ended up with both Batman and The Batsignal for the win, but the were other Creepers in play. Two of us were under the assumption that you couldn’t win with that particular Goal since it did not require a Creeper/Villain, and another person thought that because the Double Agenda card said “You win if you meet either Goal,” that a player could achieve the Batman/Batsignal Goal even though there were Creepers on the table.

A: Double Agenda does not remove the Creeper problem, it just means there are two Goals at once. All requirements for either Goal must be properly met. So if the Goal you are trying to meet also requires that you have no Creepers (as the Batman/BatSignal goal does) then you can’t win unless you can get rid of those Creepers before the Goal changes again.

So yes, you do win if you meet either Goal… but to win with the Batman/Batsignal Goal, part of the winning condition that must be met is that there be no Villains anywhere else on the table (unless Elsewhere In Gotham City is in play, of course).