Q: We think we’re missing cards in Martian Fluxx. Some Goals have a symbol for “human” or “female” but none of the cards have these symbols. Can you send us the cards we need?

A: Sorry for the lack of clarity! You are not missing any cards from the deck. Those are symbols which appear on Goals to make it easier to designate a class of cards. You’ll see a little more info about them at the top of the second page of the instructions.

Though they are not marked with a specific symbol, any card with “Human” or “Humans” in the title… has humans. That would be almost all of the Creepers (except for The Army and Germs) and one Keeper (Humans In Black). We felt that putting a “human” symbol on every single human card would be a bit redundant, since they all literally say they are humans. We did much the same thing in Zombie Fluxx, using a sort of skull symbol to designate “any Zombie” when we needed to indicate that for Goals, but we didn’t put that symbol on every Zombie Creeper in the deck. These things take up space!

There is actually a female symbol on all of the Humans which should be considered female for purposes of the Goals.

Likewise, you may find mention of hats on one of the Goals. We didn’t make a special symbol for “having a hat” either. If the human looks like they are wearing a hat, they are, and we made sure the Beauty Queen clarified her headgear, as she was the only one we felt was a bit ambiguous.

Hope that clears things up! If you do want to check the card list on line, just in case you are actually missing anything, it’s here: