Q: I bought “regular” Fluxx. Where are the Creepers?

A: The current versions of unthemed Fluxx do not have Creepers. For those wishing to add the Radioactive Potato and other Creepers which were in Fluxx 4.0 back into their Fluxx deck, we have the Creeper Pack which has all the cards you’d need to add those back in to your SE or 5.0 deck – or even other versions of Fluxx!

Fun History Stuff:

Fluxx originally had no Creepers. When they were invented for Zombie Fluxx, we retrofitted various decks which had not had them to now include them. Those included EcoFluxx (now Nature Fluxx) and Fluxx 4.0.

What we did to retrofit them to the “basic” card set was make War, Taxes, and Death into Creepers instead of Keepers (makes perfect sense, right?) and add a fourth Creeper, The Radioactive Potato, which we’d experimented with as a promo card. We then had to tweak other various things about the deck to make it all fit together now that there were Creepers.

Of course we got a lot of complaints from fans when we added them. Those tapered off as Fluxx 4.0 became the new normal. As we started to develop a deck that could potentially go into the mass market, we found we agreed with many of the original commenters that having Creepers in the deck made it harder to teach new players, so, of course we made Fluxx “Special Edition” (SE) without them. This went so well that we felt we needed to move on to 5.0 and make the removal of Creepers official.

Unfortunately, since Fluxx 4.0 was the main version for such a long time, there were then many people who were first introduced to the Fluxx system with 4.0. Naturally, when they went to pick up their own set, they were confused and dismayed to find the Creepers they remember fondly are now missing. Finally, with the creation of the Creeper Pack, we have the solution for them!