Q: I bought “regular” Fluxx. Where are the Creepers?

A: Fluxx originally had no Creepers. When they were invented for Zombie Fluxx, we retrofitted various decks which had not had them to now include them. Those included EcoFluxx (now Nature Fluxx) and Fluxx 4.0.

What we did to retrofit them to the “basic” card set was make War, Taxes, and Death into Creepers instead of Keepers (makes perfect sense, right?) and added a fourth Creeper, called The Radioactive Potato, which we’d experimented with as a promo card. We then had to tweak other various things about the deck to make it all fit together now that there were Creepers.

Of course we got a lot of complaints from fans when we added them. Those tapered off as Fluxx 4.0 became the new normal. As we started to develop a deck that could potentially go into the mass market, we found we agreed with many of the original commenters that having Creepers in the deck made it harder to teach new players, so, of course we made Fluxx “Special Edition” (SE) without them. This went so well that we felt we needed to move on to 5.0 and make the removal of Creepers official.

Unfortunately, since Fluxx 4.0 was the main version for such a long time, there are many people who had that version as their first intro to the system. Naturally, when they go to pick up their own set, they are confused and dismayed to find the Creepers they remember fondly are now missing.

For those wishing they could still get them, we are hoping to produce a Creeper Pack which would enable players to add the Creepers back into Fluxx 5.0, but we don’t have a timeline for that yet.

If you want to know which other versions of Fluxx have Creepers, check out the Fluxx Complexity Factors chart

If you wanted to use Blanxx to make your own homemade Creeper Pack, it’s actually a bit more complicated than just adding those Creepers back into the deck. It would have to look like this:

First of all, the deck you’re adding to must already have the following cards in it. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to make the missing cards with your Blanxx as well.

• Money
• Chocolate
• Peace (only SE does not have this)
Note that Peace will acquire a special interaction with the War card which you need to keep in mind, or possibly write on the card: “If you have War, move it to another player if you have this on the table.”

With the Blanxx, you’ll need to create (unless you have some of these, possibly from a pre-Creeper version?) If you’re using Blanxx, you’ll need a minimum of 4 packs, or 5 if you want to create the three “substitute” cards instead of modifying the Keeper-only versions you probably have.

Creepers Note special Creeper powers in addition to preventing victory.
• War “If you have Peace, you must move it to another player.”
• Death “If you have this at the start of your turn, discard something else you have in play (a Keeper or a Creeper). You may discard this any time it stands alone.”
• Taxes “If you have Money on the table, discard both that and this.”
• Radioactive Potato “Any time the Goal changes, move this card in the counter-turn direction.”

Goals (all necessary unless you’re working with a pre-4.0 deck, in which case you already have them)
• Death by Chocolate
• Peace (No War)
• Money (No Taxes)
• War = Death (War & Death)
• All That is Certain (Death & Taxes)

New Rules
• Silver Lining “Creepers do not prevent you from winning unless the Goal explicitly forbids a specific Creeper.”
• You Also Need A Baked Potato “If the Radioactive Potato is on the table, it does not prevent victory – instead you must have the Potato in order to win, along with meeting the other conditions of the Goal.”

Actions (some to add, some to replace other cards, as noted. Instead of creating new cards for the three substitutes, you can add notes to the pre-existing versions to indicate they also work on Creepers)
add Creeper Sweeper “All Creepers in play are discarded.”
• add Move A Creeper “Choose any Creeper in front of a player, and move it to some other player.”

remove Share The Wealth, and substitute Mix It All Up “Gather up all of the Keepers and Creepers on the table, shuffle them together, and deal them out to all players, starting with yourself.”
• remove Steal A Keeper, and substitute Steal Something “Take your choice of any Keeper or Creeper from in front of another player and put it in front of you.”
remove Trash A Keeper, and substitute Trash Something “Take your choice of any Keeper or Creeper from in front of any player and put it on the discard pile. If no-one has any Keepers or Creepers, nothing happens when you play this card.”