Q: Does the order of your Keepers on the table matter in Math Fluxx? If so, can I rearrange them at will?

…because of the way some Goals are worded, it seems like order matters. If order doesn’t matter then two of the Goals have the exact same win conditions.

A: Keeper arrangement on the table doesn’t matter in Math Fluxx any more than in any other Fluxx. You could also consider this answer to be equivalent to: sure, like any other Fluxx, you can rearrange your Keepers at will, any time you want.

It’s a little like the pyramids you capture in Volcano or Caldera. A monochrome tree is still a monochrome tree, and it doesn’t matter whether they’re actually stacked up into that formation as long as you have the pyramids that would make up the set described.

Yes, this means that the winning conditions for both 24 Hours and The Ultimate Answer are identical. “Number Four & Number Two” is functionally the same as “Number Two & Number Four” in the same way that “Milk & Cookies” is the same as “Cookies & Milk.”

In fact, some reviewers have complained that this makes Math Fluxx not really very different than other Fluxxes at it’s heart, and it’s only when invoking the mathematical victory rules that this version becomes novel in any way. We suppose that may be true, but we feel the mathematical victory rules make a pretty big difference!