Q: What happens if the Goal is The Cheese Shop and someone plays the Action Bring Out Your Dead?

A: When the Cheese Shop is the Goal, you win if you alone have nothing at all (no Keepers, no Creepers, and no cards in your hand). Meanwhile, the Bring Out Your Dead Action allows all players to discard any of their Keepers, Creepers, or cards in their hand. Together these cards create an interesting situation. If one player chooses to discard all their stuff, they will become eligible to win, but if anyone else jumps on the bandwagon, no one will win – at least not necessarily immediately with that Goal.

Since everyone gets the option at once (there is no specific “turn order” it’s considered to be simultaneous), all players must declare what they are discarding, or not, before anyone can claim a victory with the Cheese Shop Goal. Once the dust settles, i.e. once all cards that are being discarded have been gathered up and are being shuffled, you can claim victory if you alone threw everything away. Similarly, if you notice just one other player quietly discarding all their stuff, you should probably do the same thing… either that, or point out the danger to others, in hopes of getting someone else to dump their holdings in order to avoid losing.

If more than one person does dump everything when Bring Out Your Dead is played with Cheese Shop, then multiple people are meeting the win condition at the same time, in which case the game continues until there is a single winner.

Things that might happen:

If only two people are playing, then as soon as one person draws on their turn, they are no longer meeting the conditions, and the other person will win.

With three or more players, it’s not guaranteed that there will be only one winner immediately. Someone might manage to change the Goal before there is just one person meeting the conditions. The next player to draw might manage to change the Goal – or use all their cards up to stay in the running, prolonging the game. Someone might manage to force others to gain a card somehow, while they empty their holdings again and claim this victory before the Goal can change.

This combo is certainly is a weird and sneaky way to win sometimes. And even without The Cheese Shop, Bring Out Your Dead is useful for getting rid of Creepers on the table, and/or cards in your hand that might cause someone else to win if you’re forced to play them.