Q: How does Share The Wealth (or Mix It All Up) interact with attaching Creepers?

A: We’re very careful not to include cards that don’t play well together in a deck. So, for most decks with Creepers, we use Mix It All Up (or one of its analogues, like Crawling Chaos) instead of Share The Wealth. Star Fluxx doesn’t have either card (Share The Wealth OR Mix It All Up). The only deck with Creepers that has Share The Wealth is Pirate Fluxx, which does not have attaching Creepers, and Crawling Chaos, which includes Creepers specifically says that you do detach Creepers to mix them up, so that should be clear.

So this means you may be encountering this interaction because you’re mixing decks. And that’s okay – but yeah, that often calls for a special ruling to deal with how to make certain cards play well with others.

So if you have mixed decks such that you somehow have a Share The Wealth card in a deck with attaching Creepers, please treat it as if it were a Mix It All Up card, which does affect Creepers. In this case, you’d detach all Creepers (as described in Crawling Chaos), and mix them all in with the Keepers to deal out. If you’re just playing Pirate Fluxx, it should not be an issue to play Share The Wealth as written, i.e. not including Creepers.