Q: If someone plays Rock-Paper-Scissors Showdown out of their Draw 3 Play 2 mini-hand, and loses, do they lose the mini-hand, or their main hand?

A: Whenever something played during Draw 3 Play 2 (or Draw 2 and Use ‘Em) affects your “hand” it means your real, set-aside hand, never your “temporary mini-hand”. So you’d give up your actual hand if you lost.

That said, if you still had one more card to play from the Draw 3 Play 2, you’d still complete that. It’s even possible that you could recover cards back to your newly emptied real hand, via… I don’t know… Jackpot, Everybody Gets 1, or just a Draw increase (you’d draw the difference between your original draw and the new draw, and these newly drawn cards would go into your newly emptied hand).