Q: On the Seer promo from the Deluxe Werewolf Kickstarter, does the “once on your turn” restriction apply to the Werewolf elimination ability, or can you do that at any time?

…If the Seer is out, and someone draws the Werewolf, it seems like they could immediately destroy the Seer. Can the Seer utilize it’s power at any time to destroy the Werewolf first?

A: Doing things “at any time” or “out of turn” are the exceptions, and you should assume that most extra abilities can be used only on your turn, unless it’s specifically stated that you can do them at any time. The restriction applies to the entire sentence: you may perform either one of the abilities (but not both) once, during your own turn.

Regarding the scenario where the Werewolf jumps the Seer as soon as he comes into play: Unfortunately, that’s the risk the Seer takes in being “out” visible on the table. As in the game Are You A Werewolf, if the Seer is known, they are generally the first target of the Werewolves. The strategic thing to do, then, would be to hold the Seer unplayed, if you can, until after the Werewolf is on the table…