Q: Do Crime Spree or K’POW! interact with Villain who is hidden under the Batman Cuffs?

A: In all Fluxx, when a card is not showing face up, it is generally considered to be treated as if it is not in play, so if it is face down (there are cards which could do this) or if it is hidden by some other card, like the Batman Cuffs, it is as though it is not there.

So if K’POW is played to get rid of all the Villains on the table, then a Villain hidden under the Batman Cuffs will not be affected. It’s as though K’POW gets all Villains who are “on the loose” and still a threat to society. So it’s not going to affect your Villain who is safely in custody. Of course, you could choose to –oops!– let that Villain go any time you want if it’s advantageous to you…

For the Goal Crime Spree, the answer is much the same. The Villain under the Cuffs is effectively not in play. Now if YOU’RE the person with the Bat Signal in front of you, who would win if the Villain under your Cuffs is revealed… well, you can choose to release that Villain at any time – but obviously there’s no reason to do so if it would just make someone else win.