Just Desserts FAQ

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Q: Are there any tweaks to the rules needed when one adds the Just Desserts expansion sets?

A: Although the expansions add additional icons and guests, they’ve been carefully balanced with the existing cards so that no changes to the rules are required.

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Q: She doesn’t have a favorite so does she not give a tip, or does she if we use a card with her little symbol on it?

A: Nature Girl does not have a specific favorite, so nothing makes her so happy she’s going to tip that extra card. The symbol on her card is merely her suit, and the favorite desserts only show the suit of the person they’re a favorite of, not which exact person in that suit. In other words, the desserts which have “her symbol” on it only have it because they are a favorite of some other character that shares her suit.

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Q: Doctor Coffee’s favorite is anything with coffee; does this mean any dessert with coffee can be played for him even if it has 2 or 3 symbols on it?

A: Yes, any dessert with coffee will be accepted by him as a “favorite.” Doesn’t have to be just the “ace.” Other symbols are fine, since he doesn’t have any ingredient restrictions.

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Q: Why doesn’t the Conceptual Artist want Coffee, since she’s in the Coffee expansion for Just Desserts??

…Also, her favorite dessert doesn’t have an icon like all of the other favorites, is this a misprint?

A: TLDR: No, those cards are not printed incorrectly, though the dessert cards might be updated in the future.

In each of the Just Desserts expansions, there is a character who does NOT actually want the featured ingredient (the Vegetarian in the Better With Bacon expansion is the other example). On their cards, naturally, you won’t find the featured ingredient listed as a component of their favorite (or in the case of the Vegetarian, that ingredient is listed – as explicitly forbidden). For this reason, their favorite is a dessert from the original deck, and not a newly-printed card in the expansion.

Because we’re not psychic enough to see the future, those expansion favorites in the original deck do not have any “favorite” indicator for the expansion because we had no idea it would end up being a favorite. On future printings we might add the “favorite” indicator – which would, no doubt, generate questions from people who do not have the expansion, wondering what this extraneous symbol means. Or we might not add it, I suppose. We could add it, and maybe put a comment about it in the FAQ on the rules sheet. Who knows?

The Conceptual Artist, being a hipster/beatnik type person who might hang around a coffeeshop (which serves plenty of items which do not themselves contain coffee) might well like Coffee Cake, which is one of those items which doesn’t contain coffee. We felt it was quite amusing (conceptually, you know) for it to be an item that’s got coffee in the title, but not the ingredients. Notice she looks quite sleepy, unlike Mr. Jitters, an equally hipster-looking type, but clearly one who loves the bean (maybe a little too much!)

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Q: If I’m Poaching a Guest, must it always be the first of two servings on my turn?

A: No. There are no requirements that Poaching be your first Guest satisfied. You could Poach for your second Guest.

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Q: If I satisfy a Guest with their Favorite, can I use the extra card drawn as a Tip to immediately satisfy a second Guest?

A: Yes.

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Q: If I’m satisfying two Guests on my turn, can both of them be served the same Dessert card, as long as each icon is only used once?

A: No. Each Guest must be served their own separate Desserts. You can’t, for example, serve a Spice Cake to one customer to satisfy their Cake craving, and somehow pull the Spices out of it to add to donuts to make a Cinnamon Roll for someone else.

By the same token, limitations on one Guest will not affect what you may serve the other Guest.

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Q: In Just Desserts, can the tip I’ve just gotten for giving someone their Favorite be used immediately to satisfy another Guest?

Q: Yes. You can use that extra card you get immediately on your turn to satisfy a second guest.

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Q: How do Guests return to play from the discard pile?

A: Generally speaking, they don’t. Guests, once discarded, are not ever “returned to play” except under the following circumstances:

The guest visible on top of the discard pile is described as being “standing in the doorway” and is still available to serve, just like the guests laid out in the tableau in the center of the table. If someone serves that guest, thus revealing the guest below, that lower guest will now be “in the doorway” and available. If the guest on top of the discard is covered by the next discard, the previous top guest is covered, and the new top guest is the one that’s available.

The only way guests buried deep in the discard pile can return is if the guest draw pile runs out and the guest discard pile is reshuffled into a new draw pile. It can happen, but won’t necessarily happen in every game.

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Q: If a Guest has three icons showing, do I necessarily need to use three separate cards to satisfy them?

A: No, in fact, you should always try to satisfy guests with the fewest cards possible.

For example, if you have a Dessert which provides two qualities the Guest needs, then you only need one other card with the last remaining icon to satisfy all three requirements for that Guest.

You’ll note that a Guest’s favorite is a single card which provides all three of their requirements. That’s what makes it a favorite! It’s the perfect Dessert to make them completely happy!

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Q: Just Desserts rules remind us that order might matter when discarding multiple Guests, but we can’t see any situation where one would ever discard more than one at a time.

…Does this mean players might be allowed to rearrange the discard pile under some circumstances?

A: Sorry for the confusion on this; it’s the downside of attempting to cover all cases. In actual play, the only time you have to discard more than one guest is on the first turn, and then only if you get multiple matches on that first draw. It’s pretty rare but it can happen, which is why the rule was written broadly. Players can look through the discard pile, but never rearrange it.

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Q: Playing with the basic starter rules in Just Desserts, we ended the game without anyone having met the win conditions. How do we resolve a tie?

… With 5 very strategic players running on the basic mode (since we were all new and wanted to learn the game), we ended up running out of cards before anyone was able to complete the requirements to win. Several of us had two of one color and two or three singles of the other colors. We ran out of guest cards with them pretty evenly distributed and nobody had a chance to win.

A: You didn’t do anything wrong. Unfortunately it just happens that way occasionally. That’s our bad, we thought it would be more unlikely than it is turning out to be. But we have a rule now for this case:

Keep playing until all Guests have been served. Then, if no one has achieved victory, everyone gets a score: 1 point for each Guest, plus a 1 point bonus for each matching pair. High score wins. If scores are tied, the player who has the most leftover dessert cards in their hand is the winner.

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