Looney Ludo / Martian Coasters FAQ

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Q: In Looney Ludo (Martian Coasters), which of the Treehouse die actions are required, and which are optional?

A: Actually ALL of the Treehouse die actions are optional. It says so at the end of the Notes section: “Your Treehouse Action is optional.”

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Q: In Pharaoh & Looney Ludo (Martian Coasters), there is no requirement to use all one’s movement points. Must one use ANY movement points?

A: In both of these games you may pass if you don’t want to use any of your movement points.

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Q: In Looney Ludo (Martian Coasters), when we play with five tiles, do the “arms” of the X shape connect in any way?

A: No, spaces only connect to spaces that touch directly orthogonally, so, yes, at the beginning of the game, the center tile is well connected, but the others are a bit isolated. Remember, however, that because the tiles will be moving around during the game, the whole board will end up in different configurations, so the connection imbalance is only temporary.

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Q: In Looney Ludo (Martian Coasters), are we allowed to move the tiles to a non-square shape?

A: Yes, the tiles can settle in any configuration as long as every tile connects to the rest of the group by a full side. Corners touching does not count as a connection, since pieces could not get onto or off of a tile thus isolated.

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