Silver Pyramids FAQ

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Q: How durable is the silver coating?
A: Please be aware that the silver coating on these pieces is imperfect. Our original vision for them was a chrome coating that turned out not to be feasible. We ended up deciding to go ahead and make this set with the best options we could provide for the silver coating. As noted in this Kickstarter update, our factory did everything they could to ensure the durability of the silver coating on the pyramids, but even so, they can get scratched and may wear off if given enough use, so please treat these more gently than regular pyramids. With a little extra care, your silver pieces should stay shiny and pristine for years to come. Note that, as of that update, we had still been planning to make the version in distribution gray, but we ended up making them red (as mentioned in THIS update).

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Q: What’s with this sticky residue on the bottoms of the Silver ‘Mids?

A: This is an odd issue we’ve discovered with the silver pyramids: they arrive with sticky feet. Apparently, something about the process they used to apply that silver coating resulted in there being a bit of residue on the undersides of each piece. Fortunately, the gunk rubs off easily enough. We recommend giving the base of each piece a slight buffing against a piece of cloth (the sleeve of a T-shirt works great) then simply using your finger to ball up and remove the lingering bits of residue. Unfortunately, yes, this is a little annoying, and for that we apologize. (See this backer update, Beware the Sticky Residue, for more about that story.)

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