Q: How do I handle Creepers which are dealt to me at the beginning of the game?

A: Some versions of the rules deal with this explicitly, and some don’t, so we’re answering this here in the FAQ, just in case there is any confusion.

Creepers may not be held in your hand, so if you get a Creeper as part of your dealt hand, you put it on the table in front of you (play it pre-game, essentially) and draw to replace. If it’s another Creeper, continue until you have a starting hand containing zero Creepers.

Q: If I was looking specifically for Rules Escalation or No Creepers, how can I tell which Fluxx 4.0 decks have which Meta Rule?

AQ: It’s pretty hard to find Fluxx 4.0 decks at this point, but if you wanted to make sure you were getting one or the other (by emailing a seller, for example), each print run has a specific number. It’s a tiny six digit number over the bar-code (not the bar-code number that’s under the bar-code, but a small number above it).

Any Fluxx 4.0 print run number 348980 and above will have No Creepers. Any 4.0 print run number below that will have Rules Escalation. The latter would still be a fun promo card to add, so I’m putting it on a list to propose making next time we print promo cards, so that will probably come back into print as a single loose promo card. No idea when, sorry. It depends when we get low on several other promo cards so we are sending a request over to our promo card printer partner.

Q: When using a card that moves when the Goal is changed, what happens when you add a second Goal for Double Agenda? What about when it goes away?

A: For cards like the Radioactive Potato or Larry the Zombie, we would rule that the Goal, as a set, has been changed if you:

• Go from zero Goals to one
• Change one Goal out for another
• Go from one Goal to two
• Change one of the two Goals
• Go from two Goals to one
• Go from one goal to zero

All of these things would be considered a change in the Goal. The cards that could make that last situation happen may not be in Zombie Fluxx or Fluxx 4.0, but there is at least one card out there that can make that happen.

Q: Does Silver Lining neutralize War if it is on the table, so that I can win with Peace No War?

A: Peace No War specifically calls out War as a prohibited card to meet the win conditions. It’s not the fact that it’s a Creeper that’s preventing you from winning – it’s that it’s War specifically, which is incompatible with Peace. In fact, in previous editions of Fluxx, it was a Keeper, not a Creeper, and the conditions were the same: you can’t win if War is on the table.

Q: If the Goal is 5 Keepers, and one player has 5, but another player has 6 + Creepers, who wins?

A: This is actually a very tricky question. I snagged Andy, though, and we talked it over. At first it seems like player A with 5 Keepers should win, since the meet the conditions and have no Creepers, but the goal specifically stipulates that if anyone has more than 5, the player with the most wins.

We decided that in this case, there can be no winner, and the game continues until a clear winner emerges.

In a case with two players tied for Keepers, with one having Creepers, however, the Creepers would eliminate one from the running.

Note that all of these contingencies would apply similarly for the Goal 10 Cards In Hand.

Q: Could you please clarify the requirements on You Also Need A Baked Potato?

The text on the card says “If the Radioactive Potato is on the table it does not prevent victory – instead, you must have the Potato in order to win along with meeting the other conditions of the Goal.”

When playing with a group, some of us read this to mean that you cannot win without the Potato at all, while others of us interpreted it to mean that you can win without the Potato as long as the Potato isn’t on the table AT ALL.

A: The second thing you said: if the Potato is on the table, then you can only win if you are the one who has it. If the Potato isn’t on the table at all, then anyone can win. Otherwise, nobody would be able to win with You Also Need a Potato if the Potato wasn’t out.

Q: What happens if someone with Taxes plays Money while Silver Lining is in play?

If the Goal is Winning The Lottery (Dreams & Money) and they have Dreams, do they win before Taxes and Money evaporate each other?

Scenario: A player who had both Dreams and Taxes played Money, and claimed they won, because the minute they played Money, the Goal was met, and, while Taxes would normally prevent the person from winning, and be discarded with the Money, because of the Silver Lining, the Goal was met, it superseded the Money and the Taxes being discarded.

The counter-argument was that the minute Money was played, both it and Taxes should have been immediately discarded, and the game continue until another goal is met. So I suppose the question is which takes priority? Meeting the goal, or following the other rules/conditions on the cards in play?

A: This was such a tricky one that Andy himself was stumped on it for a while. Here’s his answer:

If this were simply a case of card timing, I’d go with the counter-argument: events must be resolved simultaneously before concluding that someone wins, i.e. Taxes destroys Money before the Goal can be achieved.

However, this case also involves Silver Lining, and the intent of that rule is to render Creepers harmless, so with the spirit of that rule in mind, I say the player did in fact win this game.

So, henceforth you may consider that the Taxes card has additional fine print, invisible but there nonetheless, which says “You may choose not perform this discard action if the Silver Lining rule is in play.”

Q: Can I apply cards that work on Keepers to Creepers as well?

For example, in Monty Python Fluxx, if I play Steal a Keeper, am I allowed to steal a Creeper instead?
Does a Keeper Limit allow me to discard creepers?

A: Keeper means Keeper, not Creeper. That’s why we changed the wording on “Trash a Keeper” to “Trash Something” so that it could mean both. But for “Steal a Keeper” it’s still just Keepers. Same with Exchange Keepers. It only applies to Keepers.

(I [Alison] wanted to name it “Trash a -eeper” but for some reason that didn’t fly.)

There is no limit to the number of Creepers you can have in front of you.

Q: If You Also Need A Baked Potato to win, does Silver Lining negate that requirement?

On the table are two rules Silver Lining & You also need a Baked Potato. So if someone gets the goal but doesn’t have the potato can she win, because Silver Lining says that Creepers don’t prevent you from winning. Since the Potato is a creeper and not having it is preventing you from winning, you win?

…or is needing something (in this case the Potato) different from having something (other Creepers) which is preventing you from winning?

A: It’s that second thing you said. The Silver Lining rule means that the negative presence of a Creeper in front of you does not prevent you from winning, i.e. their presence is completely neutral, instead of negative.

If You Also Need A Baked Potato is in play, then you also need a baked potato – no ifs ands or buts. It does not keep the Creepers absence from preventing your win. It only prevents the presence of a Creeper in front of you from preventing your win.

Q: What do I do if I draw a Creeper because of an Action?

A: If a Creeper is drawn by the active player, they must take the Creeper (play it in front of themselves) and draw to replace, such that all the cards they have drawn for whatever the Action indicates will contain no Creepers.

Q: If I play a Goal that makes me win, but it also makes Larry or the Radioactive Potato move to me, do I win?

A: The Goal change and the Larry move are considered to be simultaneous, so we would rule that Larry/Potato blocks that win. Basically, do both of the things (play the Goal and move the Creeper) and THEN take a look at the situation to see if you win or not.

If the Potato/Larry is moving around the table preventing wins, and you play what would be the winning Goal, and it makes that Creeper move AWAY from you, you’re then YAY, but if playing the Goal makes it move ONTO you, then you’re stuck. No win. Getting the timing right to play the Goal you need is part of the challenge of having either of these on the table.

The timing puzzle is just as tricky (maybe trickier!) if You Also Need A Baked Potato is in play so that you need to get the Radioactive Potato to move ONTO you with your winning Goal play.

Q: If I have specific Creepers required for a Goal, but I also have other Creepers, can I still win with that goal?

A: In the vast majority of cases, you cannot win if you have Creepers not specifically required by the goal.

• Do your extraneous Creepers say that they keep you from winning? (Almost all Creepers do, but if they don’t then go for it.)
• Is there a Rule in play that lets you win even if you have Creepers? (There are a couple of these, depending on which versions you have.)
• In Batman Fluxx, if the Goal requires a Villain, Villains don’t prevent you from winning. However, if the Goal does NOT require a Villain, then Villains ANYWHERE prevent you from winning.
• In Nature Fluxx (aka EcoFluxx) all Creepers prevent everyone from winning, regardless of who has them.

See also: The… Goal requires a Keeper and either of two Creepers…

Q: If Double Agenda is on the table, and each Goal requires a different Creeper can you win by fulfilling both Goals?

For example, if the Goals were He Bravely Ran Away (requires the 3-Headed Giant) and Rabbits of DOOM (requires the Killer Rabbit).

A: No, not if they are two different Creepers like this. The 3-Headed Giant you need to win with He Bravely Ran Away prevents you from winning with Rabbits of DOOM, while the Killer Rabbit you need for that prevents you from winning with He Bravely Ran Away.